The Changing of the Guard at VMware

Over the last couple of months, there seems to have been a brain drain at VMware; executives are leaving in swarms. (Is that the collective noun for a group of execs? I don’t know.)

The past month has seen the departure of Jonathan Chadwick, the highly respected chief finance officer; Martin Casado, the general manager of the Networking and Security Business Unit and creator of NSX; and finally, last week, longtime Chief Operating Officer Carl Eschenbach.

Is this an issue? Not really. People join, get promoted, and leave all the time. Is this evidence of an issue in VMware senior management to get worried about? Only if you look at it in isolation. All three of these executives were longtime VMware employees. Jonathan had more than three years at VMware, Martin had almost four years there and five years previously at Nicira, and Carl had more than twelve years.

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