Has AWS Peaked

There can be no real arguing against the fact that Amazon Web Services reigns supreme with regard to public cloud. Its recently announced quarterly results show that AWS is not only gaining revenue, but actually making a “small” surplus. OK, maybe not so small: a tad over half a billion dollars, compared to a $57 million loss for the same quarter in 2015.

What I have found interesting whilst watching it grow is how much like VMware it has become. I can hear you all saying, “It is nothing like VMware.” But please hear me out. AWS’s growth cycle is very similar. Why do I say this?

AWS has become the de facto leader in public cloud in a manner similar to the way VMware dominated the on-premises data center after 2004. Like VMware, AWS has delivered on the early mover advantage. This does not mean that it will continue to dominate, but more on that later.

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