VMTN at Cannes,

it is now official,  the VMTN session is now confirmed, so come and see us in the community lounge at the following times

– Tuesday 24th – 13.00 – 14.00
– Wednesday 25th – 13.00 – 14.00

You will be able to meet the following people and ask us the most difficult questions on Virutalisation topics you can think of or discuss an issue with your particular environment.

I can not guarentee we will be able to answer them all, but we will have a damn good try 😀 At VMworld Vegas, we even managed to answer a question the VMware staff on the Genius bar couldn’t.


Duncan Epping, – of Yellow bricks fame
Gabrie van Zanten, – Owner of gabesvirtualworld
Jason Boche, – VMTN Moderator and owner of Boche.net
Alan Renouf, – Powershell guru and secret French man (sorry Alan couldn’t resist)
Steve Beaver, – Tripwire and VMTN Moderator and Published Author
Scott Herold, – Quest and owner of VMGuru.com and published Author
Thomas Bryant, – VizionCore, and VMTN Moderator
Wil van Antwerpen, – owner of vi-toolkit.com
Eric Sloof, – VMware trainer and owner of ntpro.nl
and finally some bloke called Tom Howarth.

Hope to see you there don’t be shy, I promise we will not bite :D.

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  1. …and once again I didn’t get invite. If it goes on like this I’ll begin to wonder if I’m part of this community at all. I obliviously have contributed enough to qualify. [walks off in a big girly strop!]

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