We’ve Changed the guard at Buckingham Palace, it’s time for Hybrid – Vembu to the Rescue

In this, the eighth article in our series investigating the benefits of Vembu BDR for Virtualized Environments, we carry on examining Vembu’s migration capabilities. We all know that backing up your data is only one part of the equation. The ability to recover is the other, and arguably more important, side. This is where Vembu BDR really shines.

Again life is being kind to you, and once again you are sitting in your cube, monitoring your environment. OK, you know the score by now — playing Gorf! Well your wrong you’ve stated re-playing Donkey Kong after watching the movie Pixels at Steve’s Daughters birthday party. This is more fun as both you and Steve can now have a real points tally competition.  All is calm in the world and you are planning the next phases of the company cloud migration.

Cast your mind back to our previous conversation where we managed to moved completely into Azure and started the decommission our last on-premises datacenter. Well there has been a change at the top and they and the powers that be have decided that although Cloud is a great idea and enabler, the release of Windows 2016 and AzureStack has brought some interesting options to the table, and they now want to take a more hybrid position on their Cloud utilization and have therefore decided to return the corporate crown jewels; the Databases back in house.  You die a little inside as, this is what you actually advised in the first place, but hey never mind.

Time to Hybrid

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