It’s OK – You just configure a Reverse Proxt and your good to go – Simples

We have all heard those words from the great and wise when we were starting out in our IT journey, the intimation being that it is a simple process—so simple that even a child can do it. In fact, I bet you can hear yourself saying that exact statement, maybe regarding a different service: “It’s OK—you just configure an iSCSI VMkernel port, and you’re good to go.” I know I have been guilty of saying this as an off-the-cuff comment to imply that something is simple, and it does not need my input. I’d be thinking, “You should be able to do this yourself; why are you bothering me with this?” I know you do not mean it like that. In your mind, you feel that you are empowering your staff to just get on with it. You know that they can do the work, and you do not want to belittle your colleagues, embarrassing them by aiding them in completing such a simple process.

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