GDPR: What is it, and Why should I care?

GDPR is a new set of European regulations that, in a nutshell, set out to codify how a data holder should secure and protect any personal data that they hold. Further, it also codifies the rights of the individual regarding any data held about them. Of course, it being a European regulation, it is obviously a lot more detailed than that.

Firstly, it may be helpful to explain what the difference is between a European regulation and a European directive. Both are legally binding on member states. However, a directive leaves wiggle room for the member states to decide how the stated directive obligation is met, whereas with a regulation, the European Union (EU) dictates both the obligation and the method of fulfilling said obligation.

GDPR – The Clock is Ticking

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One thought on “GDPR: What is it, and Why should I care?”

  1. So Tom, I read your other article GDPR IS ALMOST UPON US: THE APOCALYPSE IS NIGH In reality, there is no US statute that subjects a mom & pop small business to the provisions of the GDPR. So why all the panic throughout the internet over this? Unless you’re Facebook or some other giant multi-national, EU law has no effect on US citizens and other US entities.

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