Are We Ready for SDN?

SDN, or software-defined networking, is taking over the world—or at least if you listened to the marketers for the main purveyors of SDN and its cousin SD-WAN, you would think so. In fact, if you just listened to the marketers, you would be feeling pretty inadequate with your local data center; your physical network with its physical firewalls, load balancers, and VPN endpoints; and the rest of the vast plethora of networking tools that keep your corporate IT running smoothly. OK, maybe not smoothly, but well enough to make sure that your company can keep the lights on and pay your salary at the end of the month.

There is no denying that SDN products like NSX from VMware, ACI from Cisco, and those from Big Switch Networks are fully capable of delivering value and simplifying administration, but the fact remains that SDN is not ubiquitous in the networks of businesses around the world.

Previously Published on TVP Strategy (The Virtualization Practice)

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