VMware View 3 – Licensing Nightmare.

As I have already posted, today VMware released their latest VDI software package. VMWare View 3

I have just noticed that to acutally use the new features of Desktop Composer and Offline Desktop current users will have to purchase an upgrade license to Premier View.

So what is my incentive for upgrading now VMware?  What extra functionality do I receive for my support contract that promised me upgrades, for the time of my agreement?  Take a leaf out of Citrix’s or Microsofts book and offer free upgrades including major releases for the life time of the contract.  People pay a lot of money for your support contracts,  and appear receive little in return.

As a Consultant advising a client to purchase a support contract is good advice, but currently I am failing to see the benefit of a 3 year deal over a 1 yr.. it’s about money after all…

So my question is.  What exactly does a VMware support contract offer?