Corrupt VMDK – Relax there’s a Doctor in the House

Many of you are aware of Continuum from the forums, that man can do things with VMDKs and VMX files other can only dream about. Well he as been quietly helping people to recover Corrupt VMDKs for several years on the VMTN forums.  he has now lauched the the VM-Sickbay.  this started as a result of a thread in the forums found here

What about a section for “vmdk and snapshot problems” ?

so where can this new resource be found

well here


So thanks to Ulli on yet another welcome addition to the free knowledge he has given the community

One thought on “Corrupt VMDK – Relax there’s a Doctor in the House”

  1. Looks like I will stop sickbay again …
    there are simply to many guys who abuse my friendliness …
    if it goes on like this I’ll close it completely 🙁


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