Veeam Monitor 4.0 GA in the morning

Veeam Monitor 4.0 is now live on the website here:

Now one of the features that is not mentioned in the What’s New is that you can launch the VIC from within the Monitor console. We’ve talked to customers that are excited about this capability for a couple of reasons…

1. Monitoring ESXi Free – By being able to add multiple ESXi Free hosts into Monitor, you can get performance data for all of them at the top level. By being able to launch the VIC when you click on a host, you no longer need to go to a separate application for management, you can do it all from within Monitor. Since Monitor also stores the VIC credentials it’s very much like single sign-on.

2. Remote Office-Branch Office (ROBO) – For enterprise customers that are considering deploying vSphere 4.0 Essentials bundles in their remote offices they currently have no way to centrally manage or monitor them.  Now with the latest Veeam Monitor, multiple Virtual Centers (including the version bundled with Essentials) can be added in and again.  You can get a top-level view and since you can launch the VIC at the vCenter level as well, it again makes  ROBO management easy.

Duty Rumor Mill: I’ve heard Veeam is getting ready to launch some new bundles for vSphere, look for a very attractively priced bundle for customers going with Essentials (but not wanting to go to Essentials+),  this should be interesting watch this space.

Below are some screenshots of the product.  dropby later for a more indepth look.




Oh and I almost forgot the most exciting new functionality…storage monitoring (but of course that’s in the What’s new)


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