vSphere VCP4 beta is out.

After watching twitter for the last couple of days and seeing the tweets about the Beta.   I had given up on receiving an Invite, so you can image my surprise when this morning I found an email in my inbox from the VMware Certification team, inviting me to register and take the beta exam for the VCP on vSphere 4.  It was interesting to read about the way that VMware conduct their Beta Exam process and that there are a number of rules that apply ONLY to the beta exam these are:

  • Every question has to be answered and you cannot return to items
  • You don’t get your score when you finish, that comes 6-8 weeks later (more about this later)
  • You get 240 minutes to complete the exam
  • You still have to pay 30% of the regular exam price
  • You only get to take the beta exam once
  • You have until July 17th to take the exam

Now the little bit that suprises me here is the 6 to 8 week period for your score report, as the actual exam goes live on the 1st August. So  what this effectively means is that people who take the live exam will know their results and be able to call themselves VCP on vSphere before those who participated in the Beta Exam. :O
That said, I have booked my place on the Beta for the 17th July (the Last day that the Beta Exam is available).

Now I’ve just got to find the time to prepare for it.  For those who are considering the certification, I have inserted the link to the vSphere Exam Blue print.



VMware ESX Configuration Maximums Comparison.pdf (thanks to Sid Smith at the DailyHypervisor for this)


I will be adding other links to documentation as I find them.

4 thoughts on “vSphere VCP4 beta is out.”

  1. Yep, all signed up too for the 17th. But a little confused, does this exam only cater for the upgrade from VI3 to 4 or is it the whole VI4 exam.

  2. it is the full exam, everything in the BluePrint will be tested, and you will have to attempt the full number of exam questions

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