VMworld Europe 2010

A couple of days ago I was informed that next years VMworld Europe will not be in February as usual but will be run immediately after VMworld USA.  I did not post then out of respect to my source.

Just like Gabe, I cannot think of any plus points for this change.  I really cannot understand the reasons; their main competitors both have major events that are run in both the US and Europe.  Citrix run iForum and Microsoft run TechEd,  there are a good few months between the US and the European Events.

So what does this mean,  well those that attended this years European VMworld are well aware of the fact that there was no new information or announcements (not counting the biggest none secret of the Multi-Phone),  both the Keynotes were basically a rehash of the Las Vegas Keynotes, only the Names were changed to protect the innocent. 😀

It will be a interesting conundrum,  Cannes is a week behind the San Fran event, therefore  all the major announcements will be public knowledge, and microscopically dissected by analysts and bloggers.  This means that Europe will be getting news that everybody has already heard.  Who will be getting the big hitters in terms of Presenters and KeyNote speakers, again the US, if a Vendor only has budget in that quarter for a single Solutions Exchange which one will they pay for and attend, Yup you guessed it, the US.  VMworld in the States is the premier conference, Europe has always been a bit if a side show for them.

But the most important question is which Event will the Punters attend.

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  1. Tom,

    Good analysis and as you know I was also quoted in Gabe’s article regarding this “rumor”. It will be interesting to hear VMware’s official response to yet another PR conundrum. I’m guessing we won’t hear anything from VMware until at least 6 July since it’s a holiday weekend here in the US.

    I sent a tweet to John Troyer about this yesterday but I think he started his holiday early 😉

  2. hi,
    for me as a german vmware-guy it would be great to have both events next to another because of one point:
    – as you said before, the vmworld europe is a much later event normally, so there is (for me) no idea why to join this show even traveling to cannes is nearly same priceing than traveling to the us.
    – this vmworld will have a lot of new information about new releases of vmware products (especially add-ons to vi like new srm, lcm, vapp, etc. etc.).
    – if vm europe would be again in february, all european people would have this information much later than us-people.
    – vmworld europe had not to many “news” this year, so why to got there ?
    – i though to join vmworld in san francisco this year, but from germany it’s nearly “on the other side of the world” because it’s on west-coast – and that’s quite far from where i live.
    so – for me i’d really appriciate an earlier vm europe maybe 2 weeks after vmworld instead of a few months later.
    greet, chris

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