how to remove FT from a host without vCenter

Now before I start, this is not my nugget, I have just added to the process.  So thanks must go to the scripting god that is William Lam.

WARNING: do not do this without Testing first

It is common knowledge that FT (Fault Tolerance) is a feature that comes with vCenter and you will not be able to disable/enable/turn off FT without vCenter.

Having said that, you should be able to turn off the VM that currently has FT enabled on it  either via the VIC or deep and personal in the command line,  remember also to terminate the FT secondary :D.

Next edit the .vmx entry to remove any entries regarding FT.  It is highly recommended that you make a backup of your configs before doing so.  Remember to edit the file using a text editor that understands UNIX files.  do not use NOTEPAD.

There is an FT uuid in the .vmx similar to this:

uuid.ft = "50 12 1d b9 57 f2 42 86-79 27 51 f7 14 90 50 fc"

and within the VM’s directory there is will be a VM FT configuration file called shared.vmft that specifys the secondary and it’s location.  The contents look something like this:

/vmfs/volumes/4ab39fe8-706cd754-2292-0050568d51a5/test # cat shared.vmft

.encoding = "UTF-8"
generation = "1"
primary.uuid = "52 85 35 7b 49 41 7b 28-9b 50 bb 7b 8c 90 4d 71"
primary.vmxFilePath = "/vmfs/volumes/4ab39fe8-706cd754-2292-0050568d51a5/test/test.vmx"
secondary.secondary0.enabled = "1"
secondary.secondary0.uuid = "50 12 1d b9 57 f2 42 86-79 27 51 f7 14 90 50 fc"
secondary.secondary0.valid = "1"
secondary.secondary0.vmxFilePath = "/vmfs/volumes/4ab39fe8-706cd754-2292-0050568d51a5/test/test_1.vmx"
uuid = "50 12 1d b9 57 f2 42 86-79 27 51 f7 14 90 50 fc"

You need to remove this file and update the .vmx and to re-gain control of the VM to add your host back into the cluster.

WARNING: do not do this without Testing first


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