It is all about semantics

It is one of my biggest grips with VMware, and it is consistent across all the product hypervisor, type 1 and type 2.  Snapshot commitment.   Every time I go to commit or Merge a Snapshot, even after 5 years of using the product I get nervous,  Why? I hear you shout.    It is the fact that they state “Delete” and not “Commit” or “Merge” on the button.

Why oh why do they not change this simple thing.  to the known world “Delete” means remove.  Logic states that this means return to the earlier state,  however, VMware logic states that it means “Merge” OR “Commit” .I.E. remove the Snap by adding the data to the Flat file.

If it still confuses me after 5 years, what will it be doing to those that are new to the products.

Please VMware, use clear English and drop the ambiguous buttons.   A simple “Merge” and “Merge All” or “Commit Snap“, “Commit All Snaps” together with a “Roll Back” would suffice here and it would remove all confusion points.


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  1. One other thing, when you choose GOTO, the virtual machine stays in SnapShot mode and only reverts to the old situation. The SnapShot mode only is lifted after a delete.

  2. Same here. Just had to commit a large snapshot on a production machine myself.

    To make things worse. The “recent tasks” progress dialog also talks about removing the snapshot instead of merging it. So while you are committing your snapshot, you still get the IMHO wrong feedback. Add to that a nervous breaking “stuck at 95%” experience when the snapshot is a bit larger.

    Sure I knew that I was doing the right thing, but it is not as peaceful a user experience as it could be. Giving the right feedback “merging snapshot” in the task panel would already make a difference. But I would also very much like to see the labels on the buttons to give a better explanation of what it is going to do.


  3. The annoying thing is back in ESX 2.x days “redo” logs (as they were called then) were managed with terms like commit, discard, keep…. The rot set in when VMware ported the UI that is similiar to VMware Workstation into Vi3. I still think the Workstation could teach vSphere4 a thing or two.

    GUI design isn’t VMware’s strongest point. Get Richard G on his own, and let him riff on that! 🙂

  4. It’s a great way to play prank on your less knowledgeable workmates though. I love watching their face as I hit the delete button. Maybe I’m evil but it sure does liven up my day 🙂

  5. YES!!! I can’t express to you the number of conversations that I have had trying to explain the difference. I still have to double check what I actually want to do before hitting the button.

    Also, props for using the word parlance 🙂

  6. It’s even worst for all the others where English is NOT their mother tong…
    VMware please release an update to clarify and make it consistent!

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