VMware Documentation Downloader

I know that this will be old news to a lot of you peeps out there but the guys at have done it again, the Vmware Documentation Downloader which is found here is unbeliveably useful.

Thanks to this tool I now have the entire VMware documentation set downloaded to my laptop.  Now even when I am offline I can still get access to all the VMware PDF files, fantastic for those times on the train, OK I know that certain trains have access to  WIFI, or I can use my Data Card.  but not when I am in Europe (roaming data charges are sooo expensive).  Great I hear you say but what about updates, well they have even thought about that.   All you have to do is re-run the batch file and it will trawl the site again and after checking the date/timestamp of the document you have on your machine against the date timestamp of the document on the site it will update the document if necessary. Further it should also download any new documentation which is on the site.



    • Duncan on October 21, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    just wonder why to use a tool when there’s a single file link on the vSphere documentation page?

    –> Download PDF versions of all books in the main documentation set

    1. That link only downloads the vSphere documentation set, the xtravirt tool, downloads all the documentation, ie Lab Manager, SRM, etc.

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