Major flaw with new Microsoft eOpen website

So today I went to go enter in a new license agreement to our eOpen account and noticed a new website layout.  After about 10 minutes of searching the site for where to add in the new agreement I went to google.  I couldn’t find much but I did find a small pdf that said changes were made on Dec. 6th with a small amount of information that didn’t help me.  It did have the contact phone number for the new VLSC support team so I gave them a call.

After waiting 20 minutes I finally got through to a rep who said there is a global problem for any person trying to trying to add an open agreement or register a new key.  According to the rep I spoke with, Microsoft has been slammed with calls regarding this issue and there is no ETA on when the problem will be fixed.  There is going to be a maintenance window this weekend where they are going to be working on the site but they haven’t been notified if that is supposed to fix the issue.

What they are offering to do is to schedule a call back when the issue is resolved and provide a walk through on how to add a new agreement on the new site.  Also if you don’t have the new media (like was the case for me) they are offering to ship out the media for free.  Although I probably didn’t need the media ASAP like some people might have I took them up on the free official media and will wait for them to give me a call back when they fix the issue.

My suggestion to anyone trying to activate a new open agreement is to call – 1-866-230-0560 and be prepared to wait on the line for a long time.  It took me about 20 minutes to get to the first license rep and then another 15 minutes to get to the second rep to order the media.  Good old Microsoft and their QA strikes again, I find it quite amazing how they released a major website like that and didn’t test adding new agreements…

Author: Kyle Hughes

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  1. Hi, thank you for your blog message.

    Here in The Netherlands waiting this week always about 55 minutes, with a last call 1 our 10 minutes. I think ordering the media is only possible in US? I need media asap.

  2. Thank you so much for this article. I was pulling my hair out looking for the “Add Agreement” button. I called the number you gave and was able to get my license keys needed sent to my email account. FYI, as of 9:45am EST on 12/21/09, Microsoft is still stating another 24-48 hours before eOpen is functional to add agreements.

  3. As of 12:01PM MST when you call the MS number posted I get a message they are not taking calls and try again later. *sigh* thanks for this article, what a mess MS has made

  4. Hopefully that means that the majority of their staff is in training on to use this new complicated site (trust me I’m not holding my breath on that one!). Sorry the article wasn’t able to help you out. I received my media on Friday but still haven’t been able to get the new key for it.

  5. Thanks for this post. I was going nuts looking for the add agreement button, and I decided I would search google to see if maybe Microsoft had it hidden. I can’t believe they did this!! You just saved me at least another hour of frustration that I would have spent trying to figure out the site.


  6. Leave it to Microsoft to implement something that doesn’t seem to be tested. What they had before was garbage too but at least it worked. I have many licenses that I still need to purchase but I’m going to hold off now until I see an add agreement button. If this definite that they will add it?

  7. I spoke to a UK representative today and they said that the new changes implimented will NOT enable you to simply add a license agreement to your account.

    I really didn’t understand what was meant to be in place because I don’t think the guy really understood himself but I think it will have to go through the reseller to an MS agent allocated to your agreements who will then authorise the agreement for you!?! :s

    Good luck anyway people, I am just glad I don’t need the media ASAP

  8. I have been on hold for 1 hr and 41 minutes and still waiting? And yes no link to add a new license.

  9. I have been on hold for over an hour for customer service – my call was disconnected – I then the microsoft licensing desk at my vender and they said to go to settings, request premissions – choose open license or volume license enter in your authorization & license #

  10. Heather – I have done that, but unless I’m missing something it just requests it and there is no where to accept it. I have 4 pending requests that are around a week or two old. Do you know if the request is to MS or something the person adding the license is supposed to do?

  11. What the hell! How could Microsoft not have the ability to add an agreement!?!? Seriously…

  12. WTF day 3 of trying to call the number and waiting on hold for 2-3 hrs and still not getting anyone on the phone.

  13. January 8th… Can’t find a button or link to add a license. On hold, and they said up front that it could be more than an hour. I’m hoping they can do something to get me going on this, but not holding my breath.

    Maybe this is “eOpen Home” and we need to purchase “eOpen Pro” if we want to have the ability to add licenses… 😉

    Actually, it’s working more like “eOpen ME”…

    — Tom

  14. 1 Hour and 40 minutes on hold, and I managed to get someone on the line…

    If you are patiently waiting for that Add New License button to appear on the site; Stop waiting. It’s not gonna happen.

    Microsoft has changed the way they associate licenses with Passport accounts. The email address that your reseller used to create the license agreement is automatically the authority over licenses created under that agreement. You need to create a passport with that email address (if you don’t have one already), log into the new VLSC (formerly eOpen), and grant permissions to the license(s) for any passport accounts that need access to it. That’s the process as it was described to me. This did not work for me, though, since the agreement was not created with my email address. I have sent an email to my reseller asking for this information.

    Alternatively, you can call (866) 230-0560, wait on hold for a painfully long time, and they can grant the access for you. This is what I have done, and even after they granted access, I could not see the license. The MS representative indicated that it could take 24 to 48 before it would show up. So I am still sitting here with a shiny new red laptop, and an anxious end-user… Waiting for Microsoft.

    Hopefully this will help someone get some work done!

    — Tom

  15. This is insane. I’m now on hold doing what you’ve all done. Scratching my head wondering how the heck Microsoft thought it was an upgrade to the site by removing functionality that is critical to businesses worldwide!? WTF is right.

    I use a competitors search engine (Google of course) to find this website and complain to the world about how poorly Microsoft handles almost everything from their operating system security to their customer service. It couldn’t possibly get any worse.

    I’m a professional IT consultant I can’t imagine why anybody would want to put up with this nonsense. It has forced me to buy 2 Macs for home and I can’t wait for the day a real contender for a business operating system takes M$ on.

    If it wasn’t for the crazy huge install base M$ would be dead by now. No new company could offer this poor of service and survive in today’s economy.

    M$: You suck. Step it up. Fix your sh&t.

  16. Hi,

    I work for a reseller company in US. This morning our customer informed us they were not able to view the product key on the MVLS site. After going through the site for hours I was not able to pull up any details or neither I could find any tab under Add User and it seems the site layout has also changed to MVLS which is little different from Eopen site.

    So after searching on google, I read this post and I tried calling MS support and they able were to grant access and keys to the customer but it took me like 1 hr to get through to the right dept. So anyone going through the same problem I suggest you better call MS directly to fix the issue and be prepared to wait on long queue.

    MVLS Support at 866-230-0560 Option 1, Option 2.

  17. Okay all, got it figured out … here’s a copy of the email I sent out to my team (written from the perspective of an IT consulting company but is valid for direct IT groups as well):

    I believe some of you may be aware of this but for the benefit of those who haven’t pulled their hair out yet …

    Microsoft has changed the way you can activate a Volume License.
    -Old style: any account could add the agreement and get the license key
    -New way: the Volume license is automatically assigned to an administrator account (email address) at the time of order

    What this means is, whatever Administrator email is given at the time of the order becomes the ‘master’ of that license. That account can grant permission and rights (on various levels) to other accounts.

    What is required for this to work. An example

    1.Office 2007 license is ordered under a volume license with Administrator account
    2.A volume licensing account must be set up (can be any email/Windows Live account but during the creation it must be associated with the ‘business email’
    a.Normal security processes involved here, an email is sent to to authorize the access
    3.Once the Volume Licensing account is set up (or assuming it already is) it will automatically show all licenses purchased for the Administrator account
    4.This account can then give permission to other accounts, example – Rights include:
    a.Administrator (full rights)
    b.Read Licensing information
    c.Read Product keys
    d.Download software
    e.Software Assurance Manager
    f.Online Services Manager
    g.Subscriptions Manager

    So if gives administrator rights we can then go in under our account and view/retrieve license keys, software etc. and the licensing remains under the property and control of the company/person/deity that purchased them.

    Another way to administer the account, under a request can be made for access to a license set by entering the Authorization number and License Agreement number under “request permissions”. The owner of the license would then need to ‘accept’ the request by clicking on the appropriate link in an email they will receive (again, as long as they have an Volume License account created). Example of email:

    Dear VLSC Administrator,

    Consulting Company XYZ submitted the following VLSC permission request on 1/6/2010:

    Volume Licensing Program:Open License
    Permission Role:Administrator

    To approve or deny this specific request, please visit:
    To view all pending permission requests, please visit:

    Hopefully this will help those who still have their hair.

  18. Ahh..I thought I was the only one having problem updating my agreement. Their Customer Service did not help much. I’m going to stop buying from them now

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