VMware announce new premier invite only qualification

Those people on this weeks Roundtable, my self included had a little shock,  VMwares’ John Troyer calmly announced the introduction of the VVP (VMware Virtualization Professional),  this is a new invite only certification in a similar mold to MVP status from Microsoft and CVP from Citrix.

Personally I think that this is a good move and can only add value.

4 thoughts on “VMware announce new premier invite only qualification”

  1. Hi Tom,

    Do you have any information on this new “certification” other then what is posted on your blog?

  2. Only what John Troyer said in this weeks Roundtable. it is an Invite only Certification and will go live in a couple of days. People will recommend “experts and leaders in Virtualisation” on a website and The Great and the Good will decide if those recommended can become VVP’s

    It is thought that the Leaders of active VMUG’s, the top contributers on the Communities and certain bloggers are good candidates for the Cert. Apparently VMware have some names already in mind but John obviously did not say.

    It is expected that the first tranche of VVP’s will be announched in February, maybe at VMworld Europe.

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