VMware Workstation 11 things you might want to know

As has been published in many channels, VMware Workstation 11 has been released.

For details see: release notes and features at the official pages (I’m not going to copy & paste that as I’m sure you are better off to read it from the horses mouth)

What is important to know and a little less easy to find is that the new Workstation will only run on 64 bits host operating systems.

As you can already see when trying to download (as it clearly states Windows 64 bits/Linux 64 bits), but more information about this and the background is here in this VMware Communities question: No more x86 (i686/i386) build for Linux?

Relevant quote from that community question is written by fubvmware :

The support of 32 bit Operating System is dropped from both Workstation Linux and Windows Technology Preview 2014, it is a hard decision to make, we put a lot of thoughts in it base on the user data (from whom opt-in to share data with us), just like when we drop the support of 32 bit processor in Workstation 8, we really really want to spend our team’s efforts to the biggest platform to provide the best performance and stability.


Workstation 10 is a great product that works very stable, if you really need to run VM on a 32 bit Linux, it will work great even out of support (not with the new features added lately though).

For the record “Technology Preview” here is “VMware Workstation 11”

Another interesting note about Workstation 11 is the added CPU features for Haswell CPU’s in particular (and I quote from the post New Virtual CPU features in virtual Hardware version 11 shared by VMware’s own jmattson in the communities)

These are the new virtual CPU features introduced in virtual hardware version 11 (if supported on the physical CPU):



CPUID.07H:EBX.BMI1 (bit 3)

CPUID.07H:EBX.HLE (bit 4)

CPUID.07H:EBX.AVX2 (bit 5)

CPUID.07H:EBX.BMI2 (bit 8)


CPUID.07H:EBX.RTM (bit 11)


CPUID.07H:EBX.???? (bit 18)

CPUID.07H:EBX.???? (bit 19)

CPUID.07H:EBX.???? (bit 20)


CPUID.80000001H:ECX.ABM (bit 5)

Notably, lock elision is now available on Haswell processors

You can get your download via: VMware Workstation evaluation (as always the 30 days evaluation is the full download, you only need to have a new license in order to change it into the complete version)

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The evolution of VMware Tools for Linux

VMware Tools for Linux is getting better all the time. Actually it has been in movement for years and the way it has improved shows the strength of Open Source.

Back in the old days, we only had one package to care about: VMware Tools as bundled with the VMware product. Many times it stopped working after a kernel upgrade and we had to patch the source code by hand. Continue reading “The evolution of VMware Tools for Linux”

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VMware Fusion users with 2012 hardware update your OSX

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Somehow just moving the shares to a new network segment on another VLAN broke things. I was puzzled and should have asked Tom I suppose.. but as a good IT guy I had to dig until I find out why by myself. Continue reading “Problems while adding an NFS share to vSphere”

VMware Workstation 8.0 released

This morning VMware released VMware Workstation 8 to the public.

Here’s the link to the What’s New:  Workstation 8 What’s New

and here are the release notes: Workstation 8.0 Release Notes

I was lucky enough to be one of the people who got invited into the VMware beta so I did have some time to testdrive the new features. This allows me to highlight to you here what I personally think of the new Workstation version and the items that are particularly exciting in this new release.
First off, I think this is THE most exciting release of VMware Workstation since version 5. Continue reading “VMware Workstation 8.0 released”