VMware Security Advisory:- VMSA-2011-0008

Well this is what comes of not doing the adivsories when they come out :S another four get released today.  ho well.  lets get on with it then.  The first is a new entry and yet another VMSA warning,

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Possible bug in SRM installer

I have been playing in my lab with SRM, and forgot to create my DSN connection to the SRM database,  no worries I thought, the installation routine allows you to create on during the install.

Well that is only half the story.

Yes you can create your connection. but the install routine does not refresh itself and the only way you can actually get to select the new DSN is to quit the installation and start again.

A right royal pain in the backside, but the moral of the story is to create your DSN’s and Databases before you start to install SRM.

VMware Security Advisory – VMSA-2010-0015

it is the time of the week for the security advisories again,  one interesting thing of note is that for the first time ESX 2.x.x is not even considered, and also VMware Server has been dropped from the list of Hosted platforms.

Also note the warning about ESX 3.0.3 as its EOL is nigh.

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Best of VMworld 2010 awards Ceremony.

I was supposed to be a judge at the awards again but as you know I could not get to San Fran this year,  but the winners were announced on Wednesday.  The following video compared by Mr Brian Madden was taken live at the ceremony


now the video is just over 23 minutes long,

for a full list of the winners and runners up visit searchservervirtualization.techtarget.com

VMworld 2010 – TA8623 “Storage Super-Heavyweight Challenge”

Well this was supposed to be mine and Cody’s session, but due to circumstances beyond my control I had to drop out of VMworld San Fran this year.  My thanks go to Mike Laverick for stepping in at the last minute to be joint moderator and compare. I have to admit his eccentric manner was perfect for the session.  I especially liked the opening sequence, shades of HBO there,  I think he has missed his true vocation.  The four panellists are Gods of the Storage area,  now I mean Gods no mere Demi-Gods for this session

  • Adam Carter @ HP
  • Chad Sakac @ EMC
  • Eric Schott @ Dell (formerly EqualLogic)
  • Vaughn Stewart @ NetApp

Now this session was not one your normal run-of-the-mill sessions.   For a start there were over a 1000 people in there :O.  The format of the session was open question, however and this was the rub, to prevent any body going into verbal diarrhoea mode (You know I am looking at you Chad here 😉 ). Any question the punters wanted to ask had to be answered in two minutes and then in one minute during the lightning round.

In the words of Chad “The questions were, shall we say, hard-hitting :-)”

Well – watch for yourself.

Thanks to Chad for this video.

If you thought the session was good and informative please comment after watching the video of course and see if we can get VMware to change their mind and get in on the lists for Copenhagen.