VMware Security Advisory:- VMSA-2011-0006.1

Now this is interesting they only released this yesterday and it has been updated already.  nice of VMware to use Security advisories as product releases.  Updated because of the release of VIX 1.10.3

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VMware Security Advisory – VMSA-2010-0015

it is the time of the week for the security advisories again,  one interesting thing of note is that for the first time ESX 2.x.x is not even considered, and also VMware Server has been dropped from the list of Hosted platforms.

Also note the warning about ESX 3.0.3 as its EOL is nigh.

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VMware Security Advisory – VMSA-2010-0014

Well it is Security Advisory time again, a Quite week this,  they must still be recovering from post VMworld alcoholic withdrawal symptoms.

There is one little snippet of information in this advisory that my cause a couple of raised eyebrows, and this is in section 2,  I have pulled the statement out for clarity.

Note: VMware Server was declared End Of Availability on January 2010, support will be limited to Technical Guidance for the duration of the support term.

Now I do not remember seeing any statement to this effect, now I may have just missed but but bearing in mind Wil’s post “the Future of VMware Server” was posted on this blog on the 23rd May 2010, there appears to be something fishy going on there.

anyway without further ado here is the contents of the advisory as per normal service.

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