VMware Security Advisory:- VMSA-2011-0006.1

Now this is interesting they only released this yesterday and it has been updated already.  nice of VMware to use Security advisories as product releases.  Updated because of the release of VIX 1.10.3

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I have just sat the VMware vSphere Design Workshop.

This is late, because the fact is that I have not ‘just’ sat the workshop, it was almost a month ago.  It is funny how time gets away with you when you are enjoying yourself :S Simon Bodecott know what I am talking about LOL.  But seriously I digress,  on with the subject at hand.

As I have said,  I recently attended the VMware vSphere Design Workshop.  the course was provided by Global Knowledge at their Wakefield site. Yes I know ‘Yorkshire’.  well I made sure that I all my inoculations were up to date before I travelled over the Hill into forbidden territory (this is a UK joke – that has gone on for centuries)

So what did I think of the course? on the whole it was worth while,  the instructor, well that is not really the term to use for this course, Facilitator would be a better term, as the course format is more of a here are the principles now discuss this situation and provide a design, than the traditional Death by Powerpoint.

Our Facilitator Chris Culpin was one of those VCI’s that actually has a real job too, 😉 just pulling your leg Scott. LOL.  what I mean by that is that he also did Consultancy as well as presenting training courses, what this gave to the group was an instructor with real world experience of the issues and design decisions that you as a VMware designer would come across.

With all that said,  the course could have been a day or two longer.  we did not have the time to really deep dive into the reason for making a particular design decision. but conversely if we had not had such a vocal group of delegates the course could have been a disaster and I think that really sums up the course.  this is one of those rare courses where the instructor is not the important one.  it is the delegates.

They make or brake the course.  if you get a bunch of shrinking violets who will not interact, you will not get any benefit out it.  you really need to be vocal and discuss your decisions and get a bit of a technical argument going,  this will push your boundaries.

So was this beneficial to me? Yes I think it was.  It gets you thinking about how your decisions affect the overall design.  As training for the vCAP DCD yes it is useful, however personally I think it will be more useful for it if I ever get to sit a VCDX defense.

It is all a question about which path to take.

Planning storage is a simple thing,  you go to your Storage Admin’s and say, I need x amount of LUNs of this size please for my ESX servers and they NO, we only do xGB size LUN’s, or they breath thought their teeth like a motor mechanic or plumber and say, Storage doesn’t grow on trees you know, we don’t have much left, are you sure you really need all that space, etc.

But I digress. 🙂

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I got a new toy

Well Saturday I finally took the plunge, I have been needing a new laptop for a while now,  my old Dell was never really a business level machine, what with it being an Inspiron 1720.  It did its best, the processor was upgraded to a dual core 2.4Ghz one and the memory taken up to 4GB, BIOS taken to A09 so that it could support VT Extensions etc.

But the fact was it was time for it to get out the pipe and slippers and sit in the comfy chair by the Window with a good view.

So what have I got, well it is fair to say it is a beast of a machine. 

The model is a ASUS one (who? I hear you say) well let me tell you I had never really heard of them myself until I walked in to Scan in Horwich,  SCAN for those that do not know is a major seller of Computer equipment based in the north west of England.  I have been going there from almost the beginning, when it was based in a Shed at the back of the Owners small terrace house in Little Hulton.  Well how times have moved on for them.  They now trade out of a large unit on an industrial estate near Bolton Wanderers Football ground.  They also do a very good online trade out of www.scan.co.uk , but enough about free advertising for them 😀

What about the machine you are asking.

Well as I said it is a beast.

Firstly it packs a i7 Q720 quad core processor. it also has a 1.5 Gb Graphics card, but here is the best bit it has 12 Gb of RAM, yes you read that right 12 Gb of RAM.

Now I have not done any proper load testing or benchmarking on this box but it currently has running while I am writing this, Outlook 2010, Word, Excel, Visio,  over 40 Firefox tabs, iTunes, MSN, Skype and I am downloading a couple of ISO’s. However that is not all.  I have 12 VM’s, yes that is right 12 VM’s running under Workstation 7.1.3 and the thing is it not even breaking into a sweat, and I still have over a Gig of real memory available.

I am seriously impressed with my little beast.

Welcome to a new Blogger – Alex Mittell

It is with great relish that I welcome our latest blogger to the PlanetVM.NET family.  I can say I am honoured to present Alex Mittell,  late of the PHD parish and currently enjoying a quiet sojourn in Cornwall drinking dirty Scrumpy Cyder with his fiance.

Alex has already posted his first article and for those of us that know him it is typical Alex.  lighthearted and technical.  we wait with baited breath for the ones to follow.

The Top 25 – an alternate look

Eric has released his latest top 25 virtualisation based bloggers list, As I expected PlanetVM has dropped out of the top 25 but there has been a lot of fresh blood in there.  The top 25 welcomes at last William Lam and Luc Dekens. I willingly give way for those luminaries.

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