Passionate about Social Media

I refer to a blog written by my fellow virtualization marketer VMCarrie where she discussed the trap of hiring an individual to “own” social media, or SoMe as I term it. As Carrie correctly points out, it is not just one person’s responsibility and it’s not a full time role for someone.

Contributing to this new wave of communications should be many people’s responsibility. But how do you engage the right people? How do you remove some people’s fear that they will express the wrong opinion? What boundaries are there, or should be, in place? Who sets those boundaries and guidelines?

This post is just my opinion and one that I share with my clients – some listen and some don’t 🙂 Continue reading “Passionate about Social Media”

New Guest Blogger

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Jane Rimmer as a new guest Blogger on PlanetVM.NET.

Jane is not only a good friend of mine but is a damn fine marketeer to boot,  over her career she has held senior marketing positions at the giants of our particular section of IT including amongst others  Citrix, Sun and most recently at VMware as Director, Marketing EMEA, She was actually employee number 2 in Europe

She is currently the owner of Hiviz Marketing, which she set up to provide outsourced marketing services to the IT industry so that they can exploit her knowledge and experience as and when organisations need them.   Now sit back and wait to be bamboozled by a mistress of the Marketing Art.