VCP5 Under my belt

just finished sitting my VCP5 exam, OK I know I was leaving to close to the wire, but to be fair I completely forgot about the end of February constraint until I was remind of it last week :S.

So I picked the first available slot at the nearest centre to me, and attempted to revise,  not an easy thing to do when you have just started a new job and were commuting over 360 miles a day to a resellers site to do hardware certification tests. and family visiting over the weekend that we had not seen for ages 🙂

So it was with some trepidation that I walked into the test centre in Leeds.  I have to be fair and say that the exam was about right, ( I may have had a different opinion if I had failed LOL) there were very little of the tcp 3 / 4 min and Max questions, but I was surprised at the amount of Ent Plus level questions considering the fact that those features have been removed from the ICM course.  That said the fact they would be there was highlighted in the Blueprint 🙂

Well Considering that I had literally no time for revision i feel that a 356 pass score was not to bad,  I bet that Mr Sloof and Mr Vessey may have something to say about that score though.

European Brownbag – Reminder

Well the Brownbag discussion topic has been decided and we even have a guest speaker.
Work picture

I am delighted to anounce that Scott Vessey of Global Knowledge will be onboard to discuss VMware certifications. Now as with the best laid plans of mice and men, we seem to have a timing FUBAR.

For some reason @Kiwi_Si organised #vBeers at the same time. So now you have a choice you and kill some brain cells or feed some brain cells 🙂

I must remember that the first Thursday of the month is not a good time for Brownbags as half of the Virtualisation peeps in London are leathered.

So to sum up :
7pm on the 7th of July.
Use the link below to register.

VMware finally announces new VCAP cert

After what seems like an age, and with one of the worse kept secrets ever, VMware have finally “officially” announced their new “inbetweener” certifications,  As if by magic these Certs. are titled [Drum roll Please}

VMware Certified Advanced Professional – now I bet nobody saw that one coming 😀

As also expected there are two VCAP certifications.  

DataCenter Administration and DataCenter Design.

However what is now is the timelines the DataCenter Administration version becomes active on July 21st with the design exam going live some time in August.

For more information See VMware site

Global Knowledge UK new post course value add

Get more from your VMware training with VMware Xtra!  The team over at Global Knowledge UK have been quite busy the past few weeks.  I had noticed that Scott Vessey one of their senior VCI has been playing his cards close to his chest recently, dropping hints about some great new thing.   Well it appears that he has  been heavily involved in a project for his employer Global Knowledge UK,

Now the secret is finally out, they have launched VMware Xtra, so what is this and why should I be bothered.   Well on first site it just appears to be a collection of value-add online resources.  However the benefits of the programme come on completion of one of their courses, as you will then be given a logon to the “Secured Area”.   What they have appeared to have done is put some very useful post course learning tools in one location.

There are resources for those who are still deciding which is the right VMware course for them or their employees, resources aimed at those who have booked on one of our courses and want to prepare themselves in advance for their course, and the secret sauce, hidden behind a user login, resources for those who have attended a course and want to take their learning further.

a quote from GlobalKnowledgeUK says:

“We believe that attending a VMware training course with Global Knowledge UK should simply be the middle part of a complete learning experience. The resources we have made available today are unique, and designed to maximize the value of attending a Global Knowledge UK VMware course. You will only receive such a complete learning experience by booking your VMware training with us!”

Now apparently this is just the start of their “value-added” journey too, they state that they will be adding lots more additional material for the variety of VMware courses that they offer in the upcoming weeks.

Scott Vessey, Lead VMware Instructor at Global Knowledge UK said:

“We have lots of ideas for the extra material we would like to add, based on internal discussions as well as feedback from our customers.  I’m really excited to have been so heavily involved in a project like this, and know that the time and effort we have invested in the Xtra program so far will make a real difference to our customers.”

Now if any of you need any futher infomation Scott is more that happy for you to email him.

The First Brown Bag VCDX Session is locked and loaded

Following up on the interest from our last post, Cody Bunch and I will be running the first of what should become a series of VCDX Enterprise Admin Brown Bag sessions. The topic this week will be the CLI.

So all the good things like the ESXCFG c0mmands and useful Linux commands etc will be discussed.

Now remember to review the Advanced Admin Exam Blue print and come with all the questions and any advice you have, lets make these sessions the most useful resource for aiding everybody to help pass the exam.

Now for the first week we are going to give this a shot with DimDim, therefore we can accept a total of 25 folks. what this means is only if you have been accepted into the VCDX process, or have already taken and passed your Enterprise Admin Exam.  We are sorry about this but we are trying to keep any costs realated to this low infact not low actually Free.

Now please note that the time below is in CST (that is GMT-6).

Questions? fire them over either on Twitter or in the comments.  Look forward to seeing you there!

Fail your VCP4.0 and get a free re-take

Upgrade to VCP4!
VMware is allowing participating candidates who fail a VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 4 exam (exam code – VCP410) to have a free re-take. Visit for more details.  Click Here to enroll in the 2nd Shot/Upgrade Program.

To read the full blurb click here