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Wil van Antwerpen is a software developer who loves to work on Open Source and dabble a bit with VMware products. He likes to help people out as that is a good way to learn more. He is the author of Vimalin Backup ( which is virtual machine backup software for VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation Pro.

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From Bangkok with love

Hello John, thank you for your support to the VMware community and for everything you do. It is just too much to start listing it down here. I just wanted to thank you and wish you the best birthday ever. Advertisements


Thanks for the vExpert 2011 award

It’s a bit hard to believe, but this year I was honored to receive the vExpert award again. It’s a real privilege and a tremendous honor that John Troyer and his team have even considered adding me to his magic list of VMware vExperts. For me personally, the reason I’m involved with the community is …

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Is the cloud ready?

With all the the hype about moving towards the cloud, it does make you wonder sometimes: “Is the public cloud and its current infrastructure ready?” Especially if you look at recent outages.

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Gluster NAS storage solution

While walking over the solution exchange, my eyes got distracted by a company called Gluster. Roughly speaking they are offering an affordable storage solution that can be build up from basic industry standard x64 components.

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How-to run XenServer on top of vSphere

As most of the readers here know, vSphere is so powerful it is able to virtualise itself. What is even more amazing is that it is able to virtualise the competition. Yes that’s right, you can run XenServer on top of vSphere including running some nested guests, without any problems.  Below I’ll walk you through …

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Using linux vmfs-tools package to access virtual machines

Recently whilst doing some research on another VMware related topic I came across the name of a new package on my ubuntu 10.04 desktop. It is called vmfs-tools and it caught my attention.

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The Future of VMware Server

There’s rumor on the streets that the VMware Server product is being discontinued. Unfortunately, there’s good reason for that rumor.

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CentOS 5.5 hosting VMware Server 2.0.2

With centOS 5.5 being GA since friday and the fact that I am using it to host VMware Server 2.0.2.  A weekend experiment was a Fait accompli.

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VMware Fusion 3.1 Release Candidate

VMware Fusion 3.1 RC Windows 7 Performance Index

Yesterday the release candidate of VMware Fusion 3.1 was released together with the Release Candidate of VMware Workstation 7.1. Today We’ll be taking a look at the next version of VMware Fusion down here.

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Setup Oracle 11gR2 on a centOS 5.4 VMware Virtual Machine

Well it was time for me to install a test and development virtual machine for Oracle 11gR2 and as it turned out to be a bit of a painful experience to get this installed on centOS 5.4, I’ve written the details down into a blog article.

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