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Global Knowledge UK new post course value add

Get more from your VMware training with VMware Xtra!  The team over at Global Knowledge UK have been quite busy the past few weeks.  I had noticed that Scott Vessey one of their senior VCI has been playing his cards close to his chest recently, dropping hints about some great new thing.   Well it appears …

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Bi-Weekly Brownbag – VCDX 13th April

This bi-weekly’s  brownbag hosted by Cody Bunch and myself  is to cover DRS Clusters & Performance Monitoring, and hopefully we will have some fun while we’re at it. As usual the necessary details are as follows: Date/Time: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 @ 2PM CST (8pm BST 9pm CET) Registration: Here! Bring any questions you may …

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VCP Brown Bag – April 6th 2010

This week it is the VCP Brown bag session and no subject is set so it is open topic session day.  This is you opportunity to bring any questions you have about the VCP certification, and we’ll try to get them answered.  Remember those that have passed the VCP are also more than welcome so …

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VCP BrownBag – Tuesday 9th March

The next iteration of the VCP 4 Brownbags has been locked and loaded, those of you with a sharp eye will notice something different on this session,  Cody has gone all professional.  Now the reason this session has been termed a beta is he is testing a new platform for hosting these and the subsequent …

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VCDX – Revision Burst Part1

As you may be aware , Cody Bunch and myself have joined forces to create a Brown Bag series for the VCDX exams, the first session concentrated on vNetworking via the Command line – now remember that the current Advanced Admin exam is based on VI3 so no vNDS. below are the commands that we investigated on the first Brown Bag session.

VCDX Brown Bag

For those of you wondering as to when the second installment of the VCDX Brownbag series is, all I can say Cody and I have not forgotten you 😀  The seas of change surround us regarding the presentation of BrownBag so please be patient and await a signficant anouncement,  our adventure with DimDim did not …

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The First Brown Bag VCDX Session is locked and loaded

Following up on the interest from our last post, Cody Bunch and I will be running the first of what should become a series of VCDX Enterprise Admin Brown Bag sessions. The topic this week will be the CLI. So all the good things like the ESXCFG c0mmands and useful Linux commands etc will be …

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VCDX Brown Bags

For many that have been on their VCP 4 journey the resource over at Cody’s site has been an important and useful weapon in the revision armory,  well Cody and me are about to commence our VCDX journey so we thought that we would start a Brown Bag for the Advanced Admin Exam.  So …

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VCP 4 is now mine

The exam was a significant improvement on the VCP 310 exam, it was a little more challenging and the profile was more to do with real environment questions rather than the how many vCPU’s can you have if it is a Thursday afternoon just before tea time type questions.

Sitting at the feet of the master

What is out lined below is the sage advice in the form of tweets from of one of the senior members of the VCDX defence panel