Last chance saloon

John Troyer of VMware has reported that the Nominations for this years tranche of vExperts will close at Midnight Pacific time on the 6th of Feb.   Further he has stated that those who are lucky enough to be awarding the status will know by email within the “next two weeks”.  So that puts it just prior to VMworld Europe.  So who knows you may be pressing the flesh of the worlds first vExperts at Cannes.

Good luck to all those who have been nominated.

VMware Operations.

One of the most important but often overlooked parts of a VI implementation is the ongoing operational requriements post implementation,   People often labour under the mistaken belief that it is just another server, and no changes are required.

Now Rodney Heywood on his blog  “The Musing of Rodos” has laided that donkey to rest with a very good post on VMware Operations.  It is full of interesting questions and can form a very good basis for a operational review on the introduction of VI.

Congratulations on a well thought out and written post.

Open Source View Client

Today VMware have announced the release of the View Client to opensource,  this is a significant move as it will allow quicker integration of enhancements by vendors.   Perhaps even the ability of View to present other remote desktop protocols like RGS, or VNC, those developer chappies are much cleverer then me 😀

You can find the full press release here

For more information on VMware View Open Client, visit

VMTN Panel is on, come and pester us at Cannes

This morning I received the following from Richard Garsthagen at VMware

I definitely want to move forward with this. I will have a look into what times would be best (2 slots) and will send a proposal in a bit.


So it looks like it will go ahead.

Drop by and see us in the Community lounge.  there will be some luminaries such as:

Duncan Epping of Yellow Bricks fame
Alan Renouf of powershell fame
Steve Beaver of Tripwire.  a veritable god in the Virtualisation world.
Eric Sloof of one of Holland best known bloggers.
and some bloke called Tom Howarth, don’t know who he is though 😀