centOS continued

The open letter from the development team appears to have had its intended effect. The lost admin has returned and has had a meeting with the rest of the team.

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Windows VM Page File Policies

Every once in a while people will ask why their VM is not performing well.

Well there are many areas where you can look, at the host level, for example by adding more memory to the host or by looking at the guest level.  Today, we are going to focus at the guest level and focus in particular on the usage of Page Files in Windows guests. Continue reading “Windows VM Page File Policies”

Remote consoles for windows and linux

From the responses on the VMTN thread asking for a linux vCenter version it became very clear that there are a number of people who do not know about some of the features hidden and already available in some of VMware’s products. Now how can this be? I wrote a document “Web Access” about this several months ago, surely it must be common knowledge by now!

Ah.. You gave it a confusing name you say? I hear you shout,  Well.. OK.. that is true.  I suppose it didn’t help hiding this document under the VMware Server 2 documents either.  But, and this is the major rub of this post, the VMware Server 2 console works for most of the other products like ESX/ESXi as well. Continue reading “Remote consoles for windows and linux”