How to use VI

This is the first of a series of posts on basic linux/UNIX command for new users for ESX Continue reading “How to use VI”

Nice little document on VMTN listing useful ESX based PDF’s

I have just come across an excellent resource complied by Rodney Haywood,  Rodos on the forums.  How often do you know about a Document that you have seen, but can not remember where or when.  Well chances are you can find it here

So all kudos to Rodos

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2009,  I hope that this will be a prosperous and happy one for you.

This Year is looking to be a pivotal one for Virtualisation,  VMware has vSphere on the horizon,  Citrix will continue to aggressively target the VDI space with XenDesktop,  and further the stalking tiger Mircrosoft will be releasing Live Migration for Hyper-V.

Will ESXi run on my Atari?

With the decision to make ESXi a free release to the public, VMware was able to bring many new people into the world of virtualization. Naturally everyone wants to download, try, and play with it because of the great things being said about VMware, however there is one big problem; ESXi is an enterprise level solution that requires enterprise level equipment. Continue reading “Will ESXi run on my Atari?”