Congratulations to Duncan Epping VCDX007 – Licensed to Design

Duncan Epping of VMware and of Yellow-Bricks fame, has been awarded the VCDX certification, as you can tell by his number he is pretty high up the pecking order,  and that is one funky number to have.

So Congratulations are in order to the Dutch Master.  Well Done sir,  I hope you will still talk to us mere mortals


PlanetVM has Grown

I would like to officially welcome Wil van Antwerpen to the PlanetVM banner.   Wil as most of you would know is the brains behind, the wiki dedicated to helping the VI developer by having a central repository of all things VI SDK related.

Wil has been helping out in the backroom with PlanetVM since its inception and I felt it is time to bring him out of his self imposed exile.

Also I would like to welcome Thomas Bryant (Kix1979) as a guest author to the site, Thomas has been active in the communities for a while but recently took a sabbatical from the community and has been busy with other things like getting Married and generally having a life 😉

vSphere has launched

Well today is the day and vSphere has launched,  there is a lot of interesting information out there already and I do not intend to duplicate it.   I will be doing a fuller post shortly the new features and also on the new pricing structure.

Duncan Epping of Yellow-Bricks fame is collating a list of the announcements and Blog posts on the matter it can be found here

Drop by later for a review of Launch Webcast

PHD Virtual Technologies have released their GUI to esXpress Backup

This is a short one, but hopefully a useful one. 😀

In the middle of last year (2008) PHD Technologies secured an undisclosed amount of money from an unnamed venture capital firm.   Well an undisclosed source has now stated that Company to be Insight Venture Partners. As we know some of that money received was used to rebuild its management team and to acquire the software development arm of Xtravirt and the services of Alex Mittell the developer of said products.  The rest has been used to fund the further development of the esXpress backup solution.

Well it has been an exciting very week at PHD,  they have gained a new name, it is now known as PHD Virtual Technologies, lost a CEO (Sridhar Murthy), oh and quietly  released a beta GUI to their Backup Programme.  Why they have not shouted this from the highest mountains.   I don’t know.

Well I have just downloaded the latest beta release, I will upgrading and testing over the next couple of days and will give a full review.  so remember to check back.

VMware release a Cost Per Application Calculator

Today at 8am EDT, VMware release their new Cost Per Application Calculator.  This tool has been designed to accurately estimate and compare acquisition cost of a virtualization solution.   This VMware has termed the Cost Per Application metric.  This is a direct  result of the fact than many market analysts, competitors, and potential customers have been focusing on the sheer cost of purchasing VMware licensing and support and not performing the more time consuming analysis that reflects VMware’s complete cost effectiveness.  This calculator is designed to address that.  Goals outlined for the calculator include:

  • Simplified yet accurate metric to evaluate upfront costs only.
  • Focus on easily quantifiable cost items that can be entered into the calculator, not indirect savings coming from things like improved productivity or operational efficiency.
  • Present a cost comparison between VMware and competitor products using cost per application.

VMware’s calculation for Cost Per Application is a calculation of the below costs which result in a Cost per Application pricing.

  • A – Virtualization software
    • Licenses for virtualization software
  • B – Hardware
    • Servers
    • Networking
    • Storage
    • Electricity
    • Datacenter space
  • C – VM Guest OS
    • Licenses for virtual machine operating systems
  • D – Management
    • Management software
    • Management servers and other infrastructure cost
    • Database software and servers
  • E – Number of Apps Virtualized

The exact equation is (A+B+C+D)/E=Cost per Application

It is important to note that the Cost Per Application Calculator is not meant as a replacement for the VMware’s TCO and ROI Calculator which is the optimal methodology to evaluate a software investment against a complete cost/savings analysis this is because the TCO and ROI Calculator accounts for a greater number of items such as multi year views, depreciation, and amortization which the Cost Per Application Calculator does not .

VMware vCenter Mobile Access

This could just be manna from heaven for all the stressed and overworked VI admins out there, heavens forbid, it could even allow them to get a bit of a life outside the Data-Center :).  VMware are to release vCenter Mobile Access.  Now dont get too excited this product will go into Tech preview in April 2009.

VMware vCenter Mobile Access (vCMA). vCMA will allow an admin to monitor and manage VMware Infrastructure from a mobile phone,  with an interface that is optimized for such devices. Specifically, it allows you to:

• Search for virtual machines in your data center
• Migrate virtual machines from one host to another using vMotion
• Execute recovery plans using VMware Site Recovery Manager
• Access Scheduled Tasks, Alarms and Events
• And much more…

So with out further ado, lets have a look at the VMware video on this,  remember this is not currently real life as this Demo is only running on a Blackberry simulator, but it does give a reasonable representation of what the product is slated to do.  Now if only I could get that sort of Data connection speeds on my mobile this could actually be a usable connected application LOL

As already started Vmware will be releasing vCMA as a technology preview in April 2009.  You will be able to download the bits (vCMA server virtual appliance) and access the discussion forums at:  VMware have already enabled the discussion forums and are actively requesting responses on first thoughts or feature requests.   Apparently a lot of VM engineers associated with this project will be monitoring it and will be happy to answer sensible questions.

Hopefully it will be available in more flavours that Blackberry.