PlanetVM has grown

I would like to welcome two new members of PlanetVM.Net. Oliver Reeh and Alan Renouf.

Oliver is a well known member of the VMTN community and Moderator he is currently the third highest ranking member of the forums. He was awarded the status of vExpert. so I say welcome to the “Pesky Tutonic Moderator” and look out for some interesting posts from him.

Alan is very well known in the Powershell community and is the author of two of the most downloaded VMware based scripts written, ‘Export to Word’ which exports your VI configuration straight into Microsoft Word including bar charts for top 10 host usage/vm usage and pie charts for storage usage, his other script, vDiagram will map your VI environment straight into Visio. Alan too was lucky enough to be awarded vExpert status. so Welcome Alan, ready steady script 😀

vExpert awards have been announced

I woke up this morning, and had found a pleasant surprise in my email box

Congratulations! On behalf of VMware, we would like to thank you for all the work you’ve done giving back to the virtualization community and sharing your expertise with others. We are pleased to present you with the VMware vExpert Award for 2009. VMware is giving this award to individuals who have contributed significantly to the community of VMware users over the past year.

So I would like to thank my Mum and Dad, my Wife and Family, for putting up with the hours spent. I would like to thank my publicist (if I had one),  the tramp outside our hotel, and the Fruit fly in California.  The only issue I have is the award is still spelt incorrectly, there is no Z in virtualisation 🙂

Other Known Awardees are Alan Paf Paf (I’m not Bloody French) Renouf,  Wil van Antwerpen ( Scott Herold (co-Author of ATDG), Eric Sloof, Eric Siebert,and Rodney Haywood expect more names to appear during the day

Official release of vConverter 4.0

VMware have announced the official release of the Standalone version of VMware vConverter 4.0

Convert Physical Machines to Virtual Machines in Minutes

vConverter can run on a wide variety of hardware and supports most commonly used versions of the Microsoft Windows and now officially supports Linux (RHEL, SUSE and Ubuntu) operating systems but currently only with the standalone version,  that said it does work well with the aforementioned distros.  Converter 4 officially supports Windows 2008 now, however support for NT4.0 appears to have been dropped, so don’t delete your Converter 3 yet

As with the earlier versions you can, well instead of rewriting the the features list and the release notes you read them insitu. 😀

now Download VMware vCenter Converter Free of Charge

VMTN at Cannes,

it is now official,  the VMTN session is now confirmed, so come and see us in the community lounge at the following times

– Tuesday 24th – 13.00 – 14.00
– Wednesday 25th – 13.00 – 14.00

You will be able to meet the following people and ask us the most difficult questions on Virutalisation topics you can think of or discuss an issue with your particular environment.

I can not guarentee we will be able to answer them all, but we will have a damn good try 😀 At VMworld Vegas, we even managed to answer a question the VMware staff on the Genius bar couldn’t.


Duncan Epping, – of Yellow bricks fame
Gabrie van Zanten, – Owner of gabesvirtualworld
Jason Boche, – VMTN Moderator and owner of
Alan Renouf, – Powershell guru and secret French man (sorry Alan couldn’t resist)
Steve Beaver, – Tripwire and VMTN Moderator and Published Author
Scott Herold, – Quest and owner of and published Author
Thomas Bryant, – VizionCore, and VMTN Moderator
Wil van Antwerpen, – owner of
Eric Sloof, – VMware trainer and owner of
and finally some bloke called Tom Howarth.

Hope to see you there don’t be shy, I promise we will not bite :D.

Last chance saloon

John Troyer of VMware has reported that the Nominations for this years tranche of vExperts will close at Midnight Pacific time on the 6th of Feb.   Further he has stated that those who are lucky enough to be awarding the status will know by email within the “next two weeks”.  So that puts it just prior to VMworld Europe.  So who knows you may be pressing the flesh of the worlds first vExperts at Cannes.

Good luck to all those who have been nominated.

Open Source View Client

Today VMware have announced the release of the View Client to opensource,  this is a significant move as it will allow quicker integration of enhancements by vendors.   Perhaps even the ability of View to present other remote desktop protocols like RGS, or VNC, those developer chappies are much cleverer then me 😀

You can find the full press release here

For more information on VMware View Open Client, visit