VMware Security Part Trois

Part trois for the security advisories.

Part Trois

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It is all about semantics

It is one of my biggest grips with VMware, and it is consistent across all the product hypervisor, type 1 and type 2.  Snapshot commitment.   Every time I go to commit or Merge a Snapshot, even after 5 years of using the product I get nervous,  Why? I hear you shout.    It is the fact that they state “Delete” and not “Commit” or “Merge” on the button.

Why oh why do they not change this simple thing.  to the known world “Delete” means remove.  Logic states that this means return to the earlier state,  however, VMware logic states that it means “Merge” OR “Commit” .I.E. remove the Snap by adding the data to the Flat file.

If it still confuses me after 5 years, what will it be doing to those that are new to the products.

Please VMware, use clear English and drop the ambiguous buttons.   A simple “Merge” and “Merge All” or “Commit Snap“, “Commit All Snaps” together with a “Roll Back” would suffice here and it would remove all confusion points.


Northern UK VMUG

Well, as stated on www.rtfm.co.uk, we Notherners are not to be outdone by the recent launch of an Irish and Scottish User Group – We have finally risen to the challenge and struck out on our own,  those that remember my attempting to start this over the previous years may well wonder why my name is not on the invite.  Well due to a Change in VMware policy regarding VMUGs,  people who are peceived as making their living from VMware are precluded form running a VMUG. Continue reading “Northern UK VMUG”