I am doing another webinar with vKernel for DABCC

Well I must have done some good, as I am back by popular demand, for one night only.  I am joing Bryan Semple the CMO of vKernel to revisit our discussion on how to increase efficiency in your virtualization environments.

So without further ado, please find below a link to register for the session,  it should be fun

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I’m doing a Webinar

Yes I am doing a webinar, for DABCC.  I am speaking to Bryan Semple from vKernel about their recent whitepaper on consolidation ratios.  for more details have a read of the blurb about it below. I was just going to  re-print Doug Browns mail on it but I am way to modest to do that with the fanfare that he has given me. :O  Please come on by it should be a good conversation You know it is will be great with luminaries such as Doug Brown and Bryan, just read his antecedents.

So I will just do the invite:

Webinar: Beating the Industry’s VM Consoilidation ratios

Best Practices for Increasing Efficiency in Virtualization Efforts with Tom Howarth, Bryan Semple from VKernel, and Douglas Brown.

Is your virtualized environment best in class or even average?  Are you overbuying hardware?  While you have saved money initially on the consolidation, can you repeat the magic in 2011?

In the following DABCC live webinar we will discuss findings from the recently published Virtualization Management Index (VMI) as well as best practices to not only match, but also exceed the industry’s average VM consolidation ratios. 

Gain a better understanding of how to continue driving up consolidation ratios in your virtualized environment:

  • Assess future hardware purchases and account for future application growth
  • Break through the "memory wall" by balancing IT resource loads
  • Implement highly consolidated servers by instituting best practice processes and regular environment assessments

Get the full scoop during this webinar and find out what you can do to ensure your environment is used to its fullest capacity.

January 18, 2010 10:00 AM EST

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About Tom Howarth

Well you know about me already 😀

About Bryan Semple, Chief Marketing Officer, VKernel
A 15+ year high-tech veteran, Bryan has spent the last 8 years working in server and storage companies focused on virtualization technologies. Semple comes to VKernel from NetApp (NASDAQ:NTAP) where he was the general manager of the storage virtualization business unit. Under his leadership, the group experienced record growth, expanded engineering operations to India, and built global awareness for NetApp’s industry leading storage virtualization solutions. Prior to NetApp, Bryan was VP of Marketing at Onaro where he established the company as a leader in storage management software and built the marketing processes that supported the company’s profitability and successful acquisition by NetApp in 2008. Before Onaro, Bryan was the VP of Product Marketing and Strategy at server blade virtualization pioneer Egenera. At Egenera, Bryan worked with early adopters of infrastructure and server virtualization technologies in the financial services industry as the company scaled from one to several hundred customers. Early career experience includes various sales and marketing management positions at FairMarket, Trellix and Sybase. Bryan holds a BS in Systems Engineering from the US Naval Academy and an MBA from Stanford University.