EVO:RAIL Is Dead! Long Live VxRail!

In June 2014, VMware’s Project Marvin was sighted. From that point until the release of the tech preview at VMworld at the end of August, there was very little to know about it. What was previewed? EVO:RACK and EVO:RAIL, VMware’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) offering. This was a big step for VMware. Its first hardware release was not just hardware, but the whole software ecosystem to make EVO:RAIL and EVO:RACK a turnkey appliance. This is a huge project that must have taken a lot of internal resources to pull off. A strange move from a successful, pure software system. Earlier this week, rumour of the end of EVO:RACK and EVO:RAIL started to circulate. On February 16, VCE announced the release of VxRack and VxRail.

What does this move mean? First we will look at what VMware’s offering is and where it fits into the market. Then, we will come back to the move from VMware to VCE.

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