Has VMware effectively killed the VCDX program?

I noticed a tweet recently by a person I respect, Craig Kilborn. Craig had just written a blog post about why he was pleased that he didn’t pass the defense part of the VCDX. The arguments he made in the article were cogent, and I found myself agreeing with them. They aligned with my view of the worth of the VCDX certification to me personally.

I have not traveled down the VCDX path as far as Craig has, but I find myself pondering the value of the certification today. There is no doubt that the journey towards the certification is a valid one and, more importantly, a valuable learning experience. All those I have spoken to who have traveled the path, whether they gained their number or not, have grown as IT professionals.

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VCDX BrownBag #6 – Rapid Provisioning Revision

On the 11th May, we had our VCDX brownbag on Rapid provisioning. now those of you who checked in will know we has some technical issues with the lab, and I had issues with my Microphone, my Skype is playing up, but ,my issues are not pertinent to this discussion so without further ado, lets run thought rapid provisioning 3.5 style.

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VCDX Brownbag #6 – Rapid Provisioning

In this iteration of the bi-weekly VCDX brown-bag, Cody and I will be dealing with ESX Rapid provisioning,or to be precise objective 8 from the Enterprise Admin Blueprint.

We are hoping to build a kickstart script, don’t worry we will explain each section and the commands that make the up.  Finally we will run a scripted ESX install using it. This will either be so cool you wont need a fridge, or just serious car crash :D.  So click on the link below to register and join the fun, and hopefully we will all learn something.

Here are the critical details:

Date/Time: May 11, 2010 @ 2P CST (8pm BST, 9pm CET)
Registration*: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/602230081

International Numbers are available, if you need a number for your region, please Email

Remember If you registered for #5 you don’t need to re-register this time.

Background reading:

There are some things you will want to have read before joining up on the call, here are some of those things:

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Once again it is with a warm thank you to TrainSignal, without whom we would not be able to bring you this session via “GotoMeeting”

Brownbag VCDX #5 – Open Topic

After a couple of teething issues regarding copyright over the VCDX questions,  Cody and I are pleased to be able to post the video of VCDX Brownbag #5.  this was quite a lively session as the interaction caused by the Q & A section was entertaining.

ProfessionalVMware VCDX Brown Bag #5 from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo.


Here are a couple of links relating to the show


One thing to note is that even the so called experts can and do get it wrong 😀 we all agreed the w is an alias of who but as the above link shows that is not the case LOL

Bi-Weekly Brownbag – VCDX 13th April

This bi-weekly’s  brownbag hosted by Cody Bunch and myself  is to cover DRS Clusters & Performance Monitoring, and hopefully we will have some fun while we’re at it.

As usual the necessary details are as follows:

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 @ 2PM CST (8pm BST 9pm CET)
Registration: Here!

Bring any questions you may have, regarding the topic, or anything you can think of surrounding the VCDX process and we will attempt to cover them all.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Thank you once again to our sponsors TrainSignal.

VCDX Brown Bag

For those of you wondering as to when the second installment of the VCDX Brownbag series is, all I can say Cody and I have not forgotten you 😀  The seas of change surround us regarding the presentation of BrownBag so please be patient and await a signficant anouncement,  our adventure with DimDim did not go as planned, as unfortunately we did not manage to tie Audio with video.

Now there may be one or two impromptu sessions between now and the final solution, so please keep checking back here and on Cody’s site for further information

The First Brown Bag VCDX Session is locked and loaded

Following up on the interest from our last post, Cody Bunch and I will be running the first of what should become a series of VCDX Enterprise Admin Brown Bag sessions. The topic this week will be the CLI.

So all the good things like the ESXCFG c0mmands and useful Linux commands etc will be discussed.

Now remember to review the Advanced Admin Exam Blue print and come with all the questions and any advice you have, lets make these sessions the most useful resource for aiding everybody to help pass the exam.

Now for the first week we are going to give this a shot with DimDim, therefore we can accept a total of 25 folks. what this means is only if you have been accepted into the VCDX process, or have already taken and passed your Enterprise Admin Exam.  We are sorry about this but we are trying to keep any costs realated to this low infact not low actually Free.

Now please note that the time below is in CST (that is GMT-6).

Questions? fire them over either on Twitter or in the comments.  Look forward to seeing you there!

Sitting at the feet of the master

We all know that VMware have released a shiny new advanced certification called the VCDX.  In fact most of you will know of the VCDX secret agent 007 Duncan Epping (Licesned to design).  But what about the benevolent master VCDX001 John Arrasjid?  Nope, well his twitter account is here he is well worth following,  he is not prolific in what he tweets but when he does tweet it is useful.

What is out lined below is the sage advice in the form of tweets from of one of the senior members of the VCDX defence panel, there are over 50 and rising hints here.  Remember to bookmark this one as I am sure this list will grow 😀 Continue reading “Sitting at the feet of the master”