VMware Announces Horizon View 7

On February 9, 2016, VMware announced a flurry of new EUC-based products to go with the already-announced AppVolumes 3.0. Note I say “announced” and not “generally available.” This annoys me. If something is announced, it should be available for download; it should not be made available at a yet-to-be-announced date several weeks down the line. But that is an aside.  The two main EUC products announced are VMware Workspace ONE and Horizon View 7.0. The latter is the next generation of VMware’s venerable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure product (VDI), and the former is a new suite that comprises Horizon View, AirWatch EMM Content Locker, and Workspace.

This article will concentrate on Horizon View 7.0. There are several new features with the release, but the main ones are:

Horizon View 7
Horizon View 7

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I got to play with Ron’s new toy

Most of you know Ron Oglesby, ex RapidApp/Glasshouse, ex Dell, and all round super hero. Well as you most likely know he is now the Chief Architect of startup VDI company – Unidesk.  Late last week he tweeted that he wanted some people to kick the heels of his new demo environment and I was one of those fortunate to be given an early view.

The environment consists of a fully functional Unidesk environment,  other vendors take note, this is a great way to show case your products, especially in these time of austerity where travel budgets are being cut.

Now I am currently unaware of the price but some of the features of the product are complementary to View or XenDesktop and duplicated in the higher versions of the previously mentioned products.  There may be the opportunity to actually reduce the cap-ex of a VDI deployment with the use of UniDesk over say View Enterprise or XenDesktop

So what were my first impressions of the setup,  Ron sent me a RDP link late Friday and I had the weekend to play.

One thing that surprised me about the product is the intuitive nature of the product, within 5 minutes of logging on I had a fully working XP desktop deployed by UniDesk together with my selected applications,  The techie in me was impressed with the ease of use,  that said,  it has left me with more questions than answers

I have only one minor gripe and it is a very small one (please Ron don’t go breaking any bones Winking smile ) and that is it would have been nice to have the documentation easily to hand or some howto vids via a separate download link.

Unfortunately I now have a little nigglely itch in that very hard to reach place on your back,  that I know will not be eased until I can play with the actual software.

I want to know how easy it is to install, configure etc, how quickly can I get the environment up and running from a standing start.  how good is the documentation, can I break!  How good is support if you hit trouble etc.

So thanks for the opportunity to kick its heals Ron, but now I want to get upfront and personal with it.

Warning ESX U2 and PCoIP

VMware have been touting all over twitter today about an issue but not actually informing us what it was, there have been rather cryptic warning about about a Issue with ESX U2 and VDI,  now these warning have been going out since early morning UK time and it is now 8pm UK time and finally:

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Liquidware labs reach 4.6.

Liquidware Labs are to release their next version of the award winning software “Stratusphere”,  this company have had nothing but stellar growth since I first became aware of them at VMworld 2009, I cannot believe that the product is now at 4.6. Continue reading “Liquidware labs reach 4.6.”