My Session has been accepted

Well one out of my three submissions have been accepted for VMworld San Fran and Copenhagen 2010

Title: Storage superheavyweight challenge

Session Id: TA8623

Abstract: Panel session to discuss all things Storage, panelled by some of the best known storage experts from the major vendors, including Chad Sakac (EMC), Vaughn Stewart (NetApp), and Adam Carter (HP)

Type: Panel Session

Track: Technology and Architecture

Speaker Detail: Tom Howarth & Cody Bunch

I am really happy at this, in fact I have been grinning inanely all day, now however there is only one shadow on the horizon, that of funding to get to the conferences, Yes the fact that my session has been accepted removes the entrance cost of the conference, but it does nothing to remove the associated travel and accommodation costs.  and these are quite large for a UK based independent consultant,

So if some kind vendor wishes to sponsor this little old Brit all donations gratefully accepted.