I got a new toy

Well Saturday I finally took the plunge, I have been needing a new laptop for a while now,  my old Dell was never really a business level machine, what with it being an Inspiron 1720.  It did its best, the processor was upgraded to a dual core 2.4Ghz one and the memory taken up to 4GB, BIOS taken to A09 so that it could support VT Extensions etc.

But the fact was it was time for it to get out the pipe and slippers and sit in the comfy chair by the Window with a good view.

So what have I got, well it is fair to say it is a beast of a machine. 

The model is a ASUS one (who? I hear you say) well let me tell you I had never really heard of them myself until I walked in to Scan in Horwich,  SCAN for those that do not know is a major seller of Computer equipment based in the north west of England.  I have been going there from almost the beginning, when it was based in a Shed at the back of the Owners small terrace house in Little Hulton.  Well how times have moved on for them.  They now trade out of a large unit on an industrial estate near Bolton Wanderers Football ground.  They also do a very good online trade out of www.scan.co.uk , but enough about free advertising for them 😀

What about the machine you are asking.

Well as I said it is a beast.

Firstly it packs a i7 Q720 quad core processor. it also has a 1.5 Gb Graphics card, but here is the best bit it has 12 Gb of RAM, yes you read that right 12 Gb of RAM.

Now I have not done any proper load testing or benchmarking on this box but it currently has running while I am writing this, Outlook 2010, Word, Excel, Visio,  over 40 Firefox tabs, iTunes, MSN, Skype and I am downloading a couple of ISO’s. However that is not all.  I have 12 VM’s, yes that is right 12 VM’s running under Workstation 7.1.3 and the thing is it not even breaking into a sweat, and I still have over a Gig of real memory available.

I am seriously impressed with my little beast.